Our purpose is to encourage our elders to participate in our gated neighborhood with purpose and passion.  We strive to give each day meaning by hosting engaging club programs and by promoting healthy daily routines focused on frequent activity for the body and mind.

A Typical Day

7:30 AM                   Breakfast

9:00 AM                   Good Morning Stretch

9:45 AM                   Daily News Review

10:30 AM                 Daily Devotion

11:15 AM                 Music Therapy

12:00 PM                 Lunch

1:00 PM                   Fresh Air/Garden Time

1:45 PM                   Art Time

2:30 PM                   Chair Yoga

3:15 PM                   Kitchen Club

4:00 PM                   Brain Ticklers

5:00 PM                   Dinner

6:00 PM                   One-on-Ones

7:30 PM                   Popcorn – Night at the Movies